September 2019: Congratulations to Karen Bloomfield

Karen has been awarded the 2019 President’s Medal for her paintings Botany Fireflies and The Sulphur Traders.

ASMA President, Stan Stefaniak, wrote:

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the ASMA President’s Medal for 2019 is awarded to Karen Bloomfield ASMA.

Karen’s great interest in painting the maritime industrial environment is evident in her wonderfully evocative portrayal of port scenes, depicting a variety of vessels and related activities that attest to her understanding and dedication to marine art. Her keen observation of ship construction and her well-planned placement of these vessels and port infrastructure on canvas in an interesting manner, together with Karen’s strong tonal values and colour palette, create an arresting ‘tension’ in her paintings.

Karen lives on the Central Coast of NSW and is the ASMA State and National Vice President, as well as being an Exhibiting Member of both the ASMA and the RAS of NSW. With two artworks in the collection of the Australian Embassy in Kabul, she is one of a select group of Australian artists chosen to represent Australian Art in International Embassies.

Karen’s work is found in collections throughout Australia, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Ireland and Afghanistan.

Botany Fireflies − Karen Bloomfield

The Sulphur Traders − Karen Bloomfield

July 2019: Congratulations to Jane Bennett and Lawrie Walton

Admitted to membership of the ASMA College of Fellows

HMAS Adelaide being prepared for scuttling − Jane Bennett

The John Oxley − Lawrie Walton

September, 2018: Congratulations to Mary Hyde

Mary has been awarded the 2018 President’s Medal for her painting Little Christina, St Ives, UK.

ASMA President, Stan Stefaniak, wrote:

It was with great pleasure that I announced, at the 2018 ASMA National Exhibition opening, that this year’s President’s Medal had been awarded to Mary Hyde ASMA. Mary’s love of painting the marine environment is evident in her wonderful portrayal of maritime subjects. With the influences of painting trips in Australia, the UK and Europe Mary’s keen observation of vessels, her placement of these objects on canvas in an interesting manner and skilful drawing, use of colour and tonal values attest to her understanding and dedication to marine art. Mary’s evocative painting in this year’s ASMA Exhibition Little Christina, St Ives UK, beautifully narrates the marine story.

Painting for more than 25 years, Mary was twice awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Victorian Artists Society and she had won the ANL Best Traditional Painting Award in 2015 and 2017.

Little Christina, St Ives − Mary Hyde

Mary Hyde with a recent painting.

July 2018: Congratulations to Eric McGraffin and Gary Tonkin

Admitted to membership of the ASMA College of Fellows

Eric McGraffin | Approaching storm | Oil

Approaching Storm − Eric McGraffin

Gary Tonkin - Scrimshaw

Scrimshaw work by Gary Tonkin

November, 2017: Congratulations to Ian Hansen

Ian has been awarded the 2017 President’s Medal for his painting Smoky Cape in Bass Strait

ASMA President, Stan Stefaniak, wrote:

‘It was with great pleasure that I announced, at the 2017 National Exhibition opening, that this year’s President’s Medal has been awarded to Ian Hansen FASMA, FRAS. Ian’s wonderful painting Smoky Cape in Bass Strait depicts his return from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival at Hobart earlier this year. The drawing of the sea, atmospheric perspective, sensitive use of colour and the overall composition make this an extraordinary artwork. Ian’s placement of his yacht completes the narrative which immediately engages the viewer.’

Ian Hansen 'Smoky Cape in Bass Strait'

Smoky Cape in Bass Strait − Ian Hansen

President's Medal Award 2017 - Ian Hansen, Stan Stefaniak (President) and Sir James Hardy OBE (Patron)

Ian Hansen with Stan Stefaniak (ASMA President) and Sir James Hardy OBE (Patron)

Ian Hansen-awarded the 2017 ASMA President's Medal

Ian and Kaylene Hansen.

August, 2017: Congratulations to John Perkins and Greg Guy

Admitted to membership of the ASMA College of Fellows

John Perkins - Low Tide Stockton

Low Tide Stockton − John Perkins

HMS ‘Unicorn’ − Greg Guy

October, 2016: Congratulations to Bill Thomas

Bill has been awarded the 2016 President’s Medal for his drawing The Second Mate

The Second Mate - Bill Thomas

ASMA President, Robert Carter, wrote:

‘The Second Mate, as well as being a masterful portrait in a medium that always seems overshadowed by oils, watercolours and pastels, reveals a period in Bill’s own life when as a cadet he was directly answerable to the second mate – a person who could make or break him. Perhaps it is an unwitting self-portrait as this is the first qualification that Bill would have attained on his journey to becoming a Master Mariner. In this work I see the gaze of a toughened seafarer who has survived U Boat attack and dive bombing by Junker 88s; the gaze of a man looking towards the horizon to see if the landfall he has predicted, appears, according to his navigation calculations. I also see the gaze of a man thinking of a loved one, far away.’

September, 2016: Congratulations to Ib Odfeldt and Ron Scobie

Admitted to membership of the ASMA College of Fellows

Thyra - Ib Obfeldt

Thyra − Ib Odfeldt

At day's end: HMAS 'Sydney' and HKS 'Korkoran' - Ron Scobie

At day’s end: HMAS ‘Sydney’ and HKS ‘Korkoran’ – Ron Scobie

February, 2016: Congratulations to Don Talintyre

Don has been awarded the 2015 President’s Medal for his painting  Hells Gates – Tasmania.

About the scene Don writes: ‘The small, unusually shaped lighthouse marks The Entrance to Macquarie Harbour on the West coast of  Tasmania. It is a calm day as the horizon indicates, but seas here can be ferocious as it is where the Southern Ocean meets the Western Shores, and most times The Entrance is impossible for shipping. The title “Hells Gates” was given by convicts interred on Maria Island within the harbour. The sea and surrounding dense bush made escape absolutely impossible, hence the macabre title.’

Don Talintyre | Hells Gates

July 24, 2015: Congratulations to Tony Belobradjdic

Tony Belobradjdic | Venice 1

At the Ku-ring-gai Art Society 50th Anniversary Competition Tony’s painting Venice 1  was awarded 1st prize for Watercolour – $1000.

One of the judges, Judith White, commented: “This is a very strong watercolour – subdues tones and confident brush work and the shimmering whites of the paper – well done!”

See more of Tony’s work on his website

July 4, 2015: LIGHTING the DARKNESS

Lighting the Darkness Exhibition13th National Exhibition
Queensland Maritime Museum

Australian Society of Marine Artists

The opening of the exhibition on Saturday 4th July was timed to be included as part of the celebrations of the Centenary of the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service, so there were many viewers with a connection to the Service. There were 41 paintings on display in many styles, techniques and mediums and something to please all viewers.

1st Prize to Warwick Webb for his evocative historical watercolour Guardians of the Hunter. $1500 donated by AMS and a grouping of CLS and Lighthouse badges donated by AMSA.

2nd Prize to Don Braben for his action oil Another day at the office – ‘Cape Grafton’ and crew. $500 donated by the Coleston family (ex CLS) and copy of Garry Searles book First order, Australia’s Highway of Lighthouses donated by AMSA

3rd Prize to Bill Thomas for his small oil of Wooli Light near Yamba showing the light at night. $100 donated by AMS and a plaque of a lighthouse and ship.

See more work on our Gallery pages  Don Braben  |  Warwick Webb

July 2, 2015: Congratulations to Gwendoline Lewis

Gwendolin Lewis | Working Harbour

Gwendoline won the Maritime/Industrial section of the Newcastle Art Prize (an annual exhibition of the Society of Artists Newcastle) for her painting Working Harbour – an acquisitive prize of $1000 sponsored by Port Waratah Coal.