Residencies 2022

ASMA is offering residencies to ten Exhibiting Members to participate in a project with the Lady Nelson ship and the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF) in Hobart, Tasmania.

The residencies will begin in late October 2022 and conclude early February 2023 with artworks being showcased in the Wooden Boat Festival. ASMA’s marine artists will sail on the Lady Nelson around South-Eastern Tasmania for approximately 2-3 days, followed by a further 1-2 days exploring marine environments in and around Hobart. 

On board the Lady Nelson, artists will document and interpret South Eastern Tasmanian coastlines, significant marine locations and natural environments, and prepare studies for high quality marine artworks available for exhibition during the AWBF in February 2023.

ASMA will advertise for and select the successful artists to sail on the Lady Nelson.

Successful selection will be based on previous body of work, artists’ potential and mixture of mediums. There will be a weighting in the selection for local Tasmanian artists.

The Lady Nelson