Supporting marine & maritime art in Australia

Painters, sculptors, lithographers and printmakers, model-makers, historians and students

The Australian Society of Marine Artists is a body of diverse artists and others interested in marine and maritime art … painters, lithographers and printmakers, sculptors, model-makers, historians and students.
We are a National organisation, with a broad and inclusive definition to allow a rich mixture of expertise and interests. We have every painting style represented amongst our members – from traditional to contemporary, realist to abstract.

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Our aim is to support the interests of members by promoting maritime and marine art in Australia. Membership provides the opportunity to participate in ASMA exhibitions, events and activities and receive our regular Bulletin.

We currently have over 100 members spread across Australia and New Zealand, and would love for you to join our ranks.

News & Updates

We are proud to share the activities and achievements of our members through our news feed and through our monthly magazine.

Our Members’ Works

A selection of images that represent the breadth of ASMA members’ work.