ASMA National Exhibition 2023

Thankyou to all our wonderful members who contributed works to this exhibition, and the lovely people who attended the opening night. It was a resounding success, with over 50 works showcasing the depth of skill and passion of our membership. Thankyou as well to the Victorian Artists Society (VAS), who graciously hosted us at the Melbourne Gallery.

A lovely write up of the event by our President Julain Bruere is visible here, and the full catalogue and gallery of works is visible on the exhibition page here.

The awards were as follows:

Best in Show: John Downton OAM FASMA 6646. Into the Sunset. An Old Gaffer
“Maritime art, this painting resounds, the sturdy canvas of the sail, the strength of salt laden rope, the enduring steadfastness of her hull, every brush stroke speaks of romance with the sea, I could not resist her, she calls come sail with me.” – Andrea Fleming Judge’s Comments 28 th October 2023

Certificates of Merit (4):

Ted Dansey Wallenius

John Woodland FASMA The Salvage Tug

Mary Hyde FASMA Moorings

Jack Woods Williamstown Docks 2010

President’s Medal: Robert Carter OAM FASMA
“Robert as a founding member stood as our ASMA President for 16 years and has always worked to the highest level and traditions of Marine Art. He has always provided interest and encouragement to me as an artist and member of our Society.” – Julian Bruere ASMA President 2023

Curator’s Choice: Suzy King FASMA The passion started with Fence Palings & Old Sheet