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WINDJAMMERS – The Final Story

Robert Carter

I have been collecting data for this book for over 30 years. It is an anthology of stories, anecdotes, poems, photographs and drawings depicting life, culture and activities in the last commercial sailing ships between the years 1906 and 1957. It is illustrated with 42 of my paintings. It was recorded first hand from the final generation of sailing ship mariners. As there are very few still living, this book will be the last to use the words of those who experienced life in these ships.

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Paint me a Ship

Robert Carter

Paint Me A Ship is a unique, luxurious, full-colour publication intended for readers interested in marine art and the history it captures. It includes 30 major new paintings completed since the publication of my first book, Windjammers – The Final Story, each with historical and artistic notes.

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Wartime Windjammers

Robert Carter

Wartime Windjammers is a monograph exploring the important – yet little-known – role played by the last sailing ships during World War II. The monograph shines a light on this little-known aspect of the war, and brings together the story of the ships, their crews and their wartime voyages.

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The Journey of Tom Thumb II

Christine Hill

In one short week in 1796, exploring the coast south of Botany Bay, Matthew Flinders, George Bass and their servant-boy William Martin had a series of adventures exploring the Illawarra coastline. Alongside entries from Flinders’ own journal, Christine Hill’s series of paintings and sketches illustrate the story of Bass and Flinders’ journey in Tom Thumb II tells of three young men having the time of their lives in a strange land, and brings to life the famous story of Tom Thumb II for readers of all ages.

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Survival Guide for Artists

Elena Parashko

Are you a creative person with dreams of turning your passion into a successful career, but who is unsure where to start?

Have you already begun your journey into your dream life but want to know what makes the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving in the arts?

This life-changing book reveals the secrets of unlocking your full potential by addressing the issues common to the mind, body and soul of artists and other creative individuals. Discover simple and effective ways to nurture your creativity, manage destructive influences from outside sources and guide the direction of your life with joy. You can live your artistic passion.

Roadmap through the 20 chapters of this book…

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