About the Australian Society of Marine Artists

We are a National organisation, with a broad and inclusive definition to allow a rich mixture of expertise and interests.

What is marine art?

Our charter permits a broad and inclusive definition of ‘marine art’ that results in a rich mix of interests and expertise:

  • Seascapes and marinescapes – the sea in all its moods and faces and all its geographies: oceans, beaches, cliffs, estuaries and tidal rivers.
  • Boats – commercial shipping, fishing, yachting, pleasure boating, old and new, in or out of the water; from rusty old tubs to ocean-going liners.
  • Maritime history – recording events, both past and present.
  • Ports and harbours – the buildings, the activities, the paraphernalia of ropes, nets and pulleys.
  • Flora and fauna – the rich life of the sea and reef.

….and, of course, all the people who work and play in and around these.

Our members

While the majority of our members are painters, working in all mediums and styles – traditional to modern, realistic to abstract – the Society’s list also numbers lithographers and printmakers, sculptors, modelmakers and scrimshaw artists. We also welcome historians, students and other marine organisations.

Some of our members are internationally recognised (or internationally based); some are local working artists; some simply paint as a hobby. They are united in a love of expressing aspects of the sea in art, with the special challenges it offers.
We have members based in all Australian states, with a Vice-President representing each state, as well as overseas members.

We also welcome historians, students and other maritime organisations.

To support the interests of members by promoting maritime and marine art in Australia.

Office holders


Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AC
Kay Cottee AO

National Officers

Julian Bruere – President
Sarah Philips – Secretary
Mark Bagally – Treasurer
John Dikkenberg – Vice-President NSW
Gregory Wardle – Vice-President QLD
Don Fogg – Vice-President SA
Mary Hyde – Vice-President VIC
Gerry Westenberg – Vice-President WA
John Murden – Vice-President TAS

Executive Committee

Jack Woods

Currently vacant