Earl Hingston

Earl Hingston was born in New Zealand. He has had a career in advertising and corporate visual communication as a designer and illustrator.

In the 1960s Earl came to Sydney to gain further experience. A challenge to open Wellington’s first graphic design consultancy saw a return to New Zealand. Of all the advertising design and graphic design commissions the largest was to design the symbol and related corporate elements for the New Zealand Post Office, one of the country’s largest corporate identity programs.

Earl’s work appeared in national design magazines and books. He was elected Fellow of the prestigious Chartered Society of Designers, London. Subsequent to his arrival back in Australia in 1978, examples of his work appeared in a book published in NZ featuring 18 designers/artists showing selected works from the 1940s to the 1970s.

In Sydney he was a creative director and director of an advertising agency.

Since retiring Earl works in his favoured medium of watercolours with all its challenges, as well as line and wash, and at times acrylics and pastels … to spend time drawing is a must.

Earl’s aim is not to copy the subject but to paint a recognisable impression of it … to simplify and interpret it with swift, confident, lively, calligraphic brush marks. The danger in some over-detailed work is that the painting can become “precious” and lack vigour, or life. For Earl, the vitality is more important than total accuracy. This approach can often be more challenging to accomplish. He conducts workshops, and articles on his work have appeared in ‘Australian Artist’ magazines. Earl has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Society of Marine Artists.

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