Membership provides the opportunity to participate in ASMA exhibitions, events and activities and receive our regular Bulletin.

ASMA Membership categories

The society has three levels of membership: FellowsExhibiting Members and Members.

  • Fellowship is conferred on those members who have attained exceptional standards in marine art and marine knowledge, and is elected by vote of their peers.
  • Exhibiting Membership is the category the majority of our members fall into and is conferred on members whose work meets the Society’s standards. These members are currently practicing artists who wish to take advantage of a professional organization, which supports a community of specialized interests. Exhibiting Members may enter the Society’s exhibitions. Exhibiting members may use ASMA after their name.
  • Membership is for those artists who are working towards greater knowledge and competency or who are aspiring marine artists and wish to improve their standard. Members may enter selected Society exhibitions; works are subject to scrutiny by a Selection Committee. A Member may indicate/publish that they are a member of the ASMA but may not use ASMA after their name. We also invite as members people who are keenly interested in marine and maritime matters but are not necessarily practising artists.  This offers a forum to historians, other maritime organisations, persons with marine background or careers in the naval or merchant marine, watermen, yachtsmen and those who are keen to further marine art.  Here one can use the resources of the Society to tap into a a wealth of experience, knowledge and artistic expertise.

Fees (in Australian $)

Annual membership fees:
Member $40 | Exhibiting Member $50

There are no concessions for seniors and students.

ASMA Membership Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Applicants must be 18 years or over.

Payment of Membership fee

Member Annual fee is $40. Membership is renewed on 1 January each year.

Newly accepted Members will be required to pay their $40 fee upon the submission of their membership application.

Jan – AprMay – AugSep – Dec
Expiry + CostDecember same calendar year
December following calendar year
$40 + $26.60
December following calendar year
$40 + $13.30

Further Elevation

Newly accepted Member artists who demonstrate the required standard may also be considered for admission as Exhibiting Members.

A separate Exhibiting Membership Application Form will be required. This Form is available upon request from the Secretary or can be completed online (links below). These applications will be adjudicated and considered by the ASMA Selection Panel.

In such cases, the new Membership payment may be deferred until confirmation of the adjudication for Exhibiting Membership is received. However, successful Exhibiting Membership applicants will be required to only pay the appropriate Exhibiting Membership fee.

Click the link above to fill out the New Membership Application form.

Alternatively, a PDF of the application form can be downloaded here.

ASMA Exhibiting Membership Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Applicants must be 18 years or over & entry by selection.

Entry to Exhibiting Membership is by selection only. The process is straightforward. Our Selection panel will require:

  • your completed application form (this form is available as a PDF or online)
  • high quality emailed images or high quality posted colour prints
  • 125 mm x 175 mm (5” x 7”) of three recent paintings/works (In the case of sculptures or models, three images/photographs of each work are required to show the work from different angles.)
  • please include a brief description or the intent of each work
  • a short resume of your marine artwork experience (artistic background)
  • reasons for seeking Exhibiting Membership.

Exhibiting Membership Applications may either be emailed or posted to the Secretary.

Please note: good photography of your artwork will assist immeasurably towards helping the Selection Committee make their judgement.

Payment of Exhibiting Membership fee

Exhibiting Member Annual fee is $50. Membership is renewed on 1 January each year.

Please note: for newly accepted Exhibiting Member artists, the previous $40 Member fee will be offset against the $50 Exhibiting Member fee within the calendar year. That is, newly elevated Exhibiting Members will only be required to pay $10 extra up until membership renewal for the following year. Payment will be required upon Exhibiting Membership confirmation from the Secretary.