Rudy Rencoret

Graphic art is totally new to me.

I had a busy professional life as a gynaecologist. During the little time that I had available I played the piano, not very well, but I loved it. Unfortunately, I had progressive deafness that reached the point that I could not hear the music I played. Reluctantly, I sold my pianos (a pianola and a fortepiano).

My wife, an artist, suggested that I should paint, and organised art lessons with an artist friend who was her own art teacher. That was in 2007.  I had fortnightly one-to-one lessons that I enjoyed immensely and decided to choose soft pastels as my medium.  All I wanted to paint was the sky and the sea and ships. I have been inspired by photos of places that I have been to, especially the dramatic coastline of Chile, where I was born. I then joined ASMA and I have taken pastels to occasional exhibitions. I have given away most of my works to family and friends, and I would love to keep it that way.

My painting and my croquet keep me sane and happy.  I love soft pastels, where you paint with your fingers, no brushes, no turpentine or water. I feel like a child again!

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