Christine Hill

Christine lives by the ocean – for many years on Pittwater, north of Sydney, where her paintings reflected the area’s picturesque waterways and sailing lifestyle. She now lives on the NSW South Coast and the sea and its surroundings continue to influence her art practice.

Inspiration is everywhere, and this is reflected in the drawings and paintings you see in the Gallery images here – whether it be harbour life, dramatic landscapes of the coastline, sunshine or storm, there is so much to enjoy in drawing and painting life on the coast.

Her work could be described as being of a narrative contemporary style, illustrating modern and historic maritime life, and often reflecting her interest in traditional wooden boats. Drawing is a strong basis for works in pencil, watercolour, oil, pastel, or acrylic.

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Awards & Achievements

The Journey of Tom Thumb II

Christine created a series of paintings illustrating the adventures of Matthew Flinders, George Bass and William Martin on the tiny vessel Tom Thumb II exploring the coast south of Port Jackson in 1796. It has now become a book, with narrative and extracts from Flinders’ own journal of the time.