Mid-North Coast Maritime Museum

A Lucky Find!

On our return trip from Queensland recently, my wife and I stopped over in Port Macquarie to break the journey. The booking, of cause, was made sight unseen so I was delighted to find we were booked right opposite the Mid-North Coast Maritime Museum, right on the shores of the Hastings River. This was a totally unexpected bonus but, as it was getting late, I only had time to take a few photos before the light was gone.

The next morning, I made a point of getting up a bit earlier than usual to see the Museum at sunrise and was not disappointed as the complex of old boats and buildings was revealed in all its antique splendour. I was also lucky enough to find that the manager of the museum and boat yard, Ron Window, had arrived early to open for the day. After introducing myself, Ron was only too happy to give me a personal introduction and conducted tour of this very interesting piece of NSW maritime history.

The museum started life in 1882 as a slipway to service timber getting, milling and supply along the North Coast of NSW which relied very much on shipping. It depended on ketches and schooner to transfer sawn wood but also log punts or droghers to bring the timber downstream to the mills.

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