John Murden

Born in 1944 in England, John is now retired and living in Tasmania.  He is an exhibiting member of the Art Society of Tasmania and Australian Society of Marine Artists.  Since early childhood, he has had an interest in art through drawing and at the age of 17, became a Merchant Seaman.  On voyages to the continent, he would visit art galleries where he became enthralled by the Dutch Masters.

For almost 14 years, John sailed the oceans on various ships, around the world and visited many countries.  When not on duty, he would paint the sea and sunsets, eventually trying to copy some of the Great Masters for exercise.

Mostly self taught, his favourite medium is oil, occasionally using acrylics for the initial mapping of a chosen subject.  John likes to paint life as he sees it using light, shade and colour in a realistic manner, conveying something recognisable and avoiding abstractions.

Having been a seaman, John can appreciate the skill and true seamanship it took to man a ship under sail.  The ever changing mood and colours of the sea and ships has ensured that he will continue to be inspired by all things marine.



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Awards & Achievements

John has successfully completed a number of commissions and his art is displayed in England, USA, Australia and held on display in public collections.