Eric McGraffin

Eric was born in Cumbria, England on the shores of the Solway Firth where all four seasons can arrive in one day. With ships, boats and the sea on one side and the fells and the Lake District on the other, he had ample inspiration for his urge to draw.

After leaving school he served five years as an apprentice draughtsman and progressed from pencil to pen and wash to oils in his art. In search of the sun, Eric spent four years at sea with P & O as a Marine Engineer and travelled the world on cargo and passenger ships. His travels have allowed him to see ships from the last remnants of working sail to the ultra-modern ships of today as well as the sea in all her moods.

Emphasis on accuracy and detail is evident in Eric’s individual style of painting. His passion is for ships and the sea and his work has attracted commissions from shipping companies, the navy and various private collectors. He was commissioned to paint all eleven ships of the First Fleet during Australia’s Bicentenary year in 1988. His period paintings of harbour scenes are portrayed as accurately as possible with references taken from a large library which Eric has collected over many years. Although his special interest is in all things maritime, his subjects are not totally confined to ships and the sea. His landscapes have found homes in several countries, the sun-drenched Australian landscapes contrasting with the softer English landscapes.

Finally finding the sun, Eric emigrated to Australia in 1973. He is married, with three children and lives in Sydney.

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