Darrell White

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Darrell followed the family Naval tradition and was a Signalman in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Having served seven years, his desire to be a visual creative was the motivation to pursue a new career in Web Design, whilst building up a body of artwork on the side. Throughout the transformation period and beyond he was creating photo-realistic drawings of RAN ships and fantasy landscapes.

Over the years he moved from pencil to oils and acrylics. The National Maritime Museum of Australia purchased two of his pencil drawings for their collection. The West Australian Cricket Association commissioned an oil painting of HMAS Sydney II, as part of their ‘Lest we Forget’ display. This painting has subsequently appeared in several publications on the Sydney.

He joined the Australian Society of Marine Artists, and amongst several commissions, was engaged by the West Australian Cricket Association to create a painting of HMAS Sydney II; as a centre piece for their Commemorative display.

Another side of his work includes a large range of illustrations for the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. These adorn promotional material, activity books for kids, signage and even playground equipment.

Darrell now resides in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and children and continues to produce works for Australasian clients.

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Awards & Achievements

Published in:

“From Great Depths” The wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran, UWA publishing and the Western Australian Museum, 2016

“The Secret of HMAS Sydney”, USNW press book, 2014

Royal Australian Navy Calendar 2006, produced by The Royal Australian Navy