Exhibiting member (NSW)

Mediums: Watercolour

Subjects: Waterscenes and boat crews, with a special emphasis on sailing scenes

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Jan was accepted into the Commercial Art Course at the National Art School in Sydney and after graduating she became a junior in a small Sydney advertising agency. After five years she became the Art Director.

After marrying she worked as a freelance artist, sitting-in at one of Sydney’s larger advertising agencies. During that time she began to specialise in illustration, figure work being her main love.

A family followed. Freelancing from home became the way of the career, and she worked for various agencies and publishing houses.

After retiring, Jan moved to the Central Coast where she began to dabble in other mediums and subjects. She started to take the fine arts seriously, and entered local art shows, with watercolour becoming her favourite medium.

Since 2006, Jan and her husband have lived in their new home on Scotland Island, Pittwater; it is here that her love affair with Marine Art began and, she hopes, will continue.

Jan’s paintings of marine subjects have attracted ‘Highly Commended’ and ‘The People’s Choice’ awards.

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