Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell | The Business End, 'Aurora Australis' | Oil on canvas

Robert Carter

Robert Carter | 'Waratah' - The Heaving Line | Oil

Don Braben

Don Braben | 'Port Brisbane' | Oil

Ian Hansen

Ian Hansen | Yachts 'Morna' and 'Windward | Oil

Christine Hill

Christine Hill | Coledale II | Oil

Penelope Hillam

Penelope Hillam | Years of Service | Oil

Earl Hingston

Earl Hingston | Wharf 7, Pyrmont Bay, Sydney | Watercolour

Eric McGraffin

Eric McGraffin | Approaching storm | Oil

Karl Marquardt

Karl Marquardt | HMS 'Endeavour' in Botany Bay | Oil

Bill Mearns

Bill Mearns | Rounding the Mark | Watercolour

Derek Morgan

Derek Morgan | Dropping Down | Oil

Jeff Rigby

Jeff Rigby | A grand entrance, a sea breeze on the harbour | Acrylic

Ron Scobie

Ron Scobie | At day's end (HMAS 'Sydney' and HKS 'Korkoran') | Oil

Ron Stannard

Ron Stannard | Boat Repairs, Manly | Oil

Stan Stefaniak

Stan Stefaniak | 'Canberra' Full Ahead | Oil on linen (thumbnail)

Warwick Webb

Warwick Webb | Marmong Point

John Woodland

John Woodland | Hauling In #2 | Watercolour