Karen Bloomfield

Karen Bloomfield | Pre-dawn hum | Oil on canvas

John Cornwell

John Cornwell | Close encounter | Oil

Paul Garling

Paul Garling | Sleepy Belmont Afternoon | Oil

Trevor Goodwin

Trevor Goodwin | 'Comadre' 1890 | Oil

Marijke Greenway

Marijke Greenway | The 'Charlotte' at Circular Quay | Oil

Bruce Harkness

Bruce Harkness | Timber Dinghy, Clareville Beach | Acrylic

Brian Harris

Brian Harris | Cold misty morning at the dockyard | Watercolour

Leonora Howlett

Leonora Howlett | Sketch from Goat Island | Watercolour

Eric McGraffin

Eric McGraffin | Approaching storm | Oil

Derek L Newton

Derek L Newton | Fishing from the wreck | Watercolour

John N Pearson

John N Pearson | Team Work | Oil

Jeff Rigby

Jeff Rigby | A grand entrance, a sea breeze on the harbour | Acrylic

Janette Sindel-Hand

Janette Sindel-Hand | Secret mens' business | Watercolour

Peter Erson Smith

Peter Erson Smith | Just another day at the office | Oil

Paul Tonkin

Paul Tonkin | McCarrs Creek | Line and wash

Bruno Wein

Bruno Wein | Berthed - Nowhere to go | Watercolour

Peter Whelan

Peter Whelan | Towra Point Nowra | Oil on canvas

Jack Woods

Jack Woods | 'Spirit of Mystery' | Oil