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First International Online Marine Art Exhibition


15 Jun - 30 Jun 2022

The Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) is collaborating with other International Societies of Marine Artists in the inaugural International Online Marine Art Exhibition which will commence of 15 June 2021, and will continue through to 30 June 2022.

The four other societies are the American Society of Marine Artists, the Canadian Society of Marine Artists, Les Peintres Officiels de la Marine and the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Our members , whose art will be exhibited are John Adameitis, Karen Bloomfield, Don Braben, Cheryl Bruce, Julian Bruere, Robert Carter, Leasha Craig, Paul Deacon, John Downton, John Ford, John Gambardella, Ian Hansen, Jan Harrington, Christine Hill, Earl Hingston, Mary Hyde, Suzy King, Gwendolin Lewis, Derek Morgan, John Murden, Ib Odefeldt, John Perkins, Jennifer Pullman, Jeff Rigby, Ross Shardlow, Janette Sindel-Hand, Ron Stannard, Lawrie Walton, Darrell White, John Woodland, John Woulfe and Tracey Yager.

Catalogues will be available, which will highlight the work of one hundred and fifty artists from the five major marine art societies worldwide.

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