Submitting a Member Gallery Page

All exhibiting members have the opportunity to submit their images and artist information to a gallery page. A fee of $25 for a new Members Gallery page or $10 for an update of an existing page is required.

Step 1 – Deciding on images

Members are permitted to submit up to 10 good quality images to their gallery page. Images are required to be at least 1mb but no more than 2mb in size and no bigger than 1200px on the longest side. For details on how to photograph your work, download the ASMA Photo Guide.

Step 2 – Writing your artist bio

An artist bio of no more than 200 words is permitted on a members’ gallery page. There is also space for artists to list their awards and achievements, their preferred art subjects and chosen mediums.

This is your personal gallery page. All information is publicly accessible so make the most of it. The submission form also allows members to list their social media handles and contact details. We want potential buyers of your work to find you!

Finally, don’t forget to add a list of your chosen artwork images, including title, dimensions and price (if required). Also, if not too shy, upload a profile image. It doesn’t have to be a formal portrait, a photograph showing your personality or working in your studio/dedicated art space will suffice.

Step 3 – Download Gallery Submission Form

All the information required for the members gallery is submitted via an fillable online form in the structure of a PDF. This form is available from the member dashboard and from this page. Once complete and a fee paid, the form and artwork images are emailed to the Secretary at

Step 4 – Pay required fee

A fee of $25 for a new Member Gallery or $10 to update an existing page is required. Please select below.