Marine Art, December 2014

In this issue…

  • Thirroul disaster 1898: The wreck of the Amy – Christine Hill
  • The International Fleet Review Official Commemorative Artwork – Ian Hansen
  • Drawing the Line – Earl Hingston
  • Muloobinba Floating Dock:Newcastle history sails for foreign shores – Gwendoline Lewis
  • Capturing a Moment in Time – Don Braben
  • Tilikum: The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss’ – Jack Woods
  • After Painting…There’s Still Sailing: Thoughts about marine art – John Adameitis
  • Five Brothers Went to War. Cassidy Brothers’ War Service Exhibition – Mary McKelvie
  • Convoys of WWII. Recollections of the West African Run – Captain Bill Thomas (ret’d)
  • Why Marine Painting? A favourable slant – Jeff Rigby
  • President’s Medal 2012: Awarded to Marijke Greenway
  • President’s Medal 2014: Awarded to Jan Harrington-Johnson
  • President’s Message – Robert Carter OAM
  • Marine Art in Action: The 2012-13 ASMA~Sydney Heritage Fleet Artist in Residence program: A retrospective