10 Lady Members

A note from the President

ASMA Artist in Residence - Ten lady members

View the blog of the ladies in action.

This year the program took a different format.

HITHERTO…. Our Artist in Residence was a solitary artist, appointed for a period of 3 to 4 months to record activity at the Fleet’s shipyard at Blackwattle Bay, Sydney. So far we have had two artists and a sculptor.

THIS YEAR… We decided to have multiple artists in residence with a discriminatory restriction — No Men Allowed!

The following lady members took part:

•  Suzanne Alexander
•  Jane Bennett
•  Monika Brooks
•  Marijke Greenway
•  Jan Harrington-Johnson
•  Christine Hill
•  Leonora Howlett
•  Brenda Kitteridge
•  Gwendolin Lewis
•  Elena Paraschko
•  Jan Sindel-Hand

Christine Hill coordinated the program and blog, and our Writer in Residence, Jenetta Russell, engaged with the artists to record those impressions that cannot be transferred to canvas.